Born February 23rd 1940 in Sheffield England.
Attended City Grammar School 1951 -1959
Attended Leeds University 1959-1962.
Worked at Hawker Siddeley Dynamics 1962 -1966
Married Roger May 23rd 1964.
Moved to Los Angeles 1966.
Worked for Northrop 1967-1968
Worked for Burroughs (became Unisys) 1968-2002.
Now retired.
Born October 13th 1939 (the war had already started).
Wellingborough Grammar School 1951-1956
De Havilland Apprentice 1956-1962.
Worked in the DH stress office 1962-1966.
Married Grace 1964.
Moved to Los Angeles 1966
Worked at Northrop,Lockhead and Rockedyne.
Retired many times :-) Officially retired 2002